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5 Things That Makes A Good Remote Control Plane


If this is your first time to fly a remote control plane, then it is important to make the decision of what your first plane is going to be. Since you are a beginner, you should go with a beginner plane as well. Keep on reading to know the important attributes that makes any beginner airplane a wise choice.


Electric powered - planes that are electric powered are actually cheaper and at the same time, a lot easier to use in comparison to gas powered planes. All you have to do is turn it on and you're good to go to fly it. Compared to gas powered motors, it is requiring special fuel and also, it must be tuned before you can get to fly it. Therefore, it requires more work.


Majority of the beginner electric planes normally come with everything needed to fly it but with a gas powered plane, you need to buy everything you need to fly it separately.


Top wing design - this kind of plane that has the wing on top. With this type of design, it helps in giving the plane a much better lift and as what we know, lift is what helps in keeping the plane float in the air. And since you are just starting to master the basics of flying, you are going to need a plane that can float itself in the air. To learn more about remote control toys, you can visit


Large wingspan - a plane with a large wingspan is very ideal for beginners who want to fly a remote control plane. The reason behind this is that the large wingspan adds more lift to the airplane.


Number of channels - a plane with 2 channels allows you to control the plane's movement from side to side or turning and up and down. A 3 channel plane however lets you in doing almost the same thing but the difference is that, the 3rd channel lets you control the speed of motor. As for the 4 channel plane, it is not always recommended for beginners since the 4th channel is meant to control the ailerons that is intended for doing advanced flying.


Anti crash technology - better known as ACT, this is an important feature in any remote control planes. On the other hand not every plane models have this so if you ever found one, you probably know that you are in for a good deal. As what the name implies, this technology prevents the plane from crashing using senses to stabilize the plane if ever it senses that it is going for a dive. Read here!